Gulden Monthly Recap February 2021

5 min readMar 1, 2021


A lot has happened during the past month. If you want to be up to date about anything Gulden related, this blog-post is here for you.

Gulden LITE

Blazing fast ‘LITE’ Gulden wallets have been developed for beginners interested in buying and owning Gulden.

Gulden LITE is the fast minimized wallet without witness and mining functionality. This is a great development for mass adoption of Gulden. We are very proud that people can now create new desktop wallet and have it completely synchronized in under a minute. The LITE wallet can work next to a full desktop version of Gulden. But keep in mind not to use any old recovery sentence in the LITE wallets, because they are not designed for this.

Download the LITE wallet at

Another few facts that might have your attention: We’re also working on the option to sell Gulden straight in the Gulden wallets. We are very excited on these developments as they contribute to more users of the Gulden wallets.

Gulden on Clubhouse

A few members of the Gulden Community started hosting weekly live Clushouse sessions, with great results. The sessions are called Gulden Café and Crypto Café. The first event there were 12 listeners and during the last sessions over 40 people were listening or discussing anything related to Gulden or other cryptocurrencies. The events are momentarily held in Dutch language, but soon also English events can be organised.

Every yet to be held event will be available at
Keep in mind the current conversations are held in Dutch. In the future there will be also English held events!

Don’t have a invite to Clubhouse yet? Reach out on our community Slack:

Fast growing political party Code Oranje started giving away Gulden as part of their member recruitment campaign.

Quoted from the website of Code Oranje: “We value nostalgia, with a view to the modern world.”

All new members of the political movement will receive 150 Gulden. Read all about it on the official website of Code Oranje:

Gulden based Crowdfunding platform Gulden.Social has been given a new name, website and look.

The new website is

A new crowdfund campaign has been recently launched for developing a WooCommerce Plugin so that web shop owners can add Gulden as a payment option. Look it up here:

The latest completed campaign of €2500,- was for the full wrapping of the van of Robby Stofbergen, who has recently stated to make a career switch to be able to work full-time on the promotion and adoption of the Gulden project. He has launched a website where he will keep people informed about his Gulden adventure, including video blogs:

Buying Gulden directly in the Gulden app

Blockhut has been working hard to make it possible to buy Gulden easily straight out of the Gulden wallets. This option is now available on ALL wallets, including the full desktop and mobile versions. This is another great development towards further adoption of Gulden.

The Dutch Bitcoin

Gulden has received a nickname of The Dutch Bitcoin. Or in Dutch “De Nederlandse Bitcoin”. Two new websites went live as a marketing instrument: &

The Gulden Bus

Gulden ambassador Robby Stofbergen now drives around in one big Gulden van! Robby will be promoting Gulden in The Netherlands as part of his career switch. He will be touring in this amazing looking fully wrapped Van!

Visit his website for more info (website is in Dutch):

Medium posts

Pensionado and crypto-lover Aat de Kwaasteniet has released several great medium articles in both Dutch and English. An example of this here.

Read all other of Aat’s Medium posts here.

A new Gulden related website has been launched which shows the top 100 richest Gulden addresses. Are you one of them? Look it up here:

Plan B

Another new website has been launched by Danny, a Gulden community member to provide an interesting solution to the self-employed who’s careers have been struck heavily by the Covid pandemic. You can read this plan on (in Dutch).

Gulden Meme Competition

There was a meme competition held by the Gulden community, there were over 40 submissions. You can view them all at:


There are new stories from Gulden users available at Gulden.Cafe!

Gulden Newsletter

Last but not least: Many newsletters have already been send out to over 3500 Gulden followers. The response rate is over 80%, which is a great sign of interest in Gulden. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, you can sign up here:

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