NFTs on the Gulden blockchain

What is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

You collect smurfs… A limited edition smurf comes out, 10 pieces. Very exclusive. With this smurf comes a certificate. The certificate says which of the 10 you have. You buy no. 2 of 10. Other people want this one too, so you offer money for it.

What will Gulden do?

Gulden goes back to the essence of the NFT, which will make it easy to understand for everyone and especially easy to use. Both creating and trading. We are going to apply this in a way that is unique, but at the same time incredibly logical. The power lies in its simplicity. In addition, this development was chosen because it has a very large marketing component. Of course, we’ve been working on the technology for years and now it’s time for marketing. With this project we hit both. Not even so much because of the “NFT hype”, but because the promotion component is already automatically included. Of course, that will become a lot clearer once we announce more about this application.