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Stopping development and the consequences for the Gulden project.

The proposal is regularly made by members of the community to stop development and fully invest in marketing.

For many, development is understandably an unclear thing. It is in the background and sometimes there is no visible result of it. Below is a scenario of what would happen if we would stop development.

Wallets may not be compatible with new devices and new versions of operating systems without updates.

E.g. A new iPhone or OS is released by Apple, the current iOS wallet is not working on the new platform. A lot of negative reviews and complaints start coming in on the App Store and could lead to removal of the application.

If wallets don’t work anymore you can’t send (sell) or receive (buy) Gulden.

Exchanges and other services won’t have the support of the developers should any issues arise.

E.g. Bittrex or Stex runs into an issue with the wallet and they need assistance, they put the wallet in maintenance mode which prevents deposits or withdrawals from taking place. They try to contact the developers and Gulden has no developers available supporting the project. After a few weeks of no response from the developers or the community who can assist in resolving the issue, the exchange decides to put up a delisting notice saying project not supported and will be removed at a future date.

Without exchanges it is no longer possible to buy or sell Gulden.

The Gulden infrastructure would need to be taken care of by members of the community at their own costs.

I.e. The greater community that care about the success of Gulden would need to take on all the responsibility and expenses of maintaining the Gulden network.

New services being developed from within and out of the community won’t have developers to confirm technical details on the Gulden blockchain.

E.g. You want to develop and create your own service for Gulden, you need advise from a developer on how to connect this service to be used with the Gulden blockchain. No one has the technical know how to help out and the project is not completed which equals a loss for Gulden.

Existing services like Litebit have needed assistance and confirmations from the core developers numerous times in order for their service to run smoothly with the Gulden blockchain.

Development to advance Gulden would stop as the two core developers would need to find alternative work to make a living.

I.e. Without developers the goals set in place for Gulden won’t be achieved, because the core development is the foundation which Gulden is built on and this needs to be solid. Projects like PoW2, Sigma, SegSig etc. would not have been achieved without them.

Loss of confidence that the Gulden project will have long term success.

I.e. As issues start coming in that can’t be solved by the remaining community, trust and faith in Gulden achieving success will diminish with time.

It will be very difficult to find suitable developers again in the current market.

Coins fight for capable developers and in addition, large corporations can offer high salaries.

Someone might ask themselves… If you would invest heavily in marketing instead of development, what would you be promoting?

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