SIGMA is here


Earlier in the year we saw the release of our first “unity” based wallet for Android; since then a lot of work has gone into further improving the “unity” backend and implementing a new iOS app on top of it.
With a lot of great work from both Rits and Willem this is now a reality, and all of our wallets now run on mostly the same backend codebase while still retaining native user interfaces.
Thanks to the shared code a lot of these improvements filter back into our Android and Desktop wallets as well and in the longterm this will mean a better experience for everybody.

Phase 4

Development of Phase 4 has been ongoing and substantial progress has been made. The ‘2.2_development’ branch is now 1437 commits ahead of ‘master’ and growing daily.
While we are very near ready for testing and then release, something we are very eager for, we are not quite there yet.

It is important to understand that while we call this ‘Phase 4’ and indeed the ‘PoW2 Phase 4’ changes this branch contains are the main highlight, the 2.2 branch also represents a lot of other ‘less prominent’ work fixing a huge variety of little performance niggles and other issues with the coin and codebase.

A decentralised project like Gulden is like a living entity that needs constant and ongoing development not because new features are always needed but because without this development everything slowly starts to get slower, work slightly less well and eventually break. Left alone without maintenance software quickly becomes unusable.


In late August we announced SIGMA, our new proof of work algorithm which will replace Scrypt.

Going forward

This year has been a busy one and has flown past far faster than I would have liked, and of course no matter how much we achieve we always wish we had achieved more. That said this has been a massive year for Gulden in terms of development with lots of large and important updates coming out.


While I am very greatful/privileged to work on Gulden and enjoy the work we are doing, I do have to pay the bills and earn a market related salary I cannot work for free.

Running a project like this is a full time job in itself and requires planning to prevent things like running out of money long before it actually happens. Paying the salaries of several developers as well as all sorts of other behind the scenes costs related to development (theres more than you might expect) is not cheap.
Rijk has done a great job of doing this, running the project and keeping us funded to get this far, but nothing lasts forever, funding needs to be sustainable in the long term and in discussion with GAB a new model to ensure we are funded well into the future in a sustainable way has been agreed upon.

Without this funding it is not possible to keep doing the work we do, so I do hope that the funding model will be accepted graciously by the community and that I can look forward to many more years of working on the project.



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