Wat is een NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

Je verzamelt smurfen… Er komt een gelimiteerde smurf uit, 10 stuks. Heel exclusief dus. Bij deze smurf zit een certificaat. Op het certificaat staat welke van de 10 je hebt. Je koopt nr. 2 van 10. Andere mensen willen deze ook wel hebben, dus bieden je geld ervoor.

Dit lijkt me heel duidelijk en nu wordt het interessant… Want dit is een NFT:

Je verzamelt digitale smurfen. Er komt een digitale smurf uit, onbeperkt aantal. Iedereen kan de smurf bekijken/opslaan/delen. Er komen naast de digitale smurf 10 digitale certificaten uit. Op het certificaat staat een verwijzing naar de digitale…

What is a NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

You collect smurfs… A limited edition smurf comes out, 10 pieces. Very exclusive. With this smurf comes a certificate. The certificate says which of the 10 you have. You buy no. 2 of 10. Other people want this one too, so you offer money for it.

This seems very clear to me and now it gets interesting… Because this is a NFT:

You collect digital smurfs. A digital smurf comes out, unlimited number. Anyone can view/save/share the smurf. 10 digital certificates come out in addition to the digital smurf. On the certificate there is a reference to the digital…

A lot has happened during the past month. If you want to be up to date about anything Gulden related, this blog-post is here for you.

Gulden LITE

Blazing fast ‘LITE’ Gulden wallets have been developed for beginners interested in buying and owning Gulden.

Gulden LITE is the fast minimized wallet without witness and mining functionality. This is a great development for mass adoption of Gulden. We are very proud that people can now create new desktop wallet and have it completely synchronized in under a minute. The LITE wallet can work next to a full desktop version of Gulden…

Bron: https://guldenadvisoryboard.com/een-gulden-toekomst/

Na zoveel jaar crypto weten we één ding zeker, de crypto wereld ondergaat continu veranderingen welke niet te voorspellen zijn. De volgende verandering dient zich nu aan, en dat is een hele grote. Nocks is voor ons een belangrijke partner geweest. En aan dit waardevolle partnerschap komt nu een einde. Nocks heeft zojuist aangekondigd de exchange te sluiten en de software over te dragen aan een nog nader te noemen derde partij. We wensen vanuit Gulden het Nocksteam veel succes in de toekomst en bedanken hun voor de mooie samenwerking.

Vanuit Gulden denken we graag pro-actief en kijken…

By Malcolm MacLeod

For those who don’t already know about Gulden; Gulden uses a unique consensus algorithm which we call PoW² that combines traditional “proof of work” mining with a secondary system of “witnesses” to greatly enhance security. To be a witness coin holders must lock substantial funds up for a lengthy period of time (up to three years). More information on this system: article on security implications, basic guide to being a witness, simple graphical high level overview, some FAQS, detailed paper .

On October 16th we activated SIGMA our new hash algorithm at the centre of the “proof…

by Malcolm MacLeod — Gulden Lead Developer

It has once again been a busy few months for the development team, with work split up amongst multiple different projects all of which are challenging in their own right and even more so when all going on simultaneously.


Earlier in the year we saw the release of our first “unity” based wallet for Android; since then a lot of work has gone into further improving the “unity” backend and implementing a new iOS app on top of it.
With a lot of great work from both Rits and Willem this is now a…

By Malcolm MacLeod

We will soon be entering public testing of our new ‘CPU friendly’ PoW algorithm. This article will give a high level overview of how it works; however before doing so first a discussion about how we arrived here and why we think a ‘CPU friendly’ algorithm is the way forward for Gulden is necessary.

Generally when the topic of ‘ASIC resistance’ or ‘CPU friendly’ PoW algorithms comes up people tend to immediately be separated into two camps.

  1. Those whose eyes begin to roll back in their heads as they explain that any algorithm that can execute on…

In March we released our new Android app utilizing the new unified backend. While the development team has been very busy since then, on the outside things might seem a bit quiet and people might be wondering what we have been doing, so here is a quick update.


The new Android app exceeded our expectations on launch, performing better than expected for version 1.0 of a completely new app. …

The Gulden development team is extremely pleased to announce the release of our new Android app.

The new app is a massive improvement over the previous one, and features: Much faster initial network synchronization and recovery from phrase/link; enhanced address privacy; lower battery consumption; reduced bandwidth usage; along with dozens of other drastic improvements.

However, as exciting as the release of the app itself is. For us, this is a milestone not just because of the great new app but also because it is the first of our apps to utilize our new unified backend (codenamed Unity) that we have…

Door Lykle de Vries | 21 maart 2019

In 2017, op het hoogtepunt van de blockchain-hype, maakten we een serie interviews met Nederlandse experts onder het motto “Op zoek naar de schat”. We probeerden te achterhalen wat nou de werkelijke toegevoegde waarde van blockchain was. Dit jaar maken we een nieuwe serie, met mensen die daadwerkelijk met Blockchain aan de slag zijn gegaan en iets tot stand hebben gebracht. Wat zijn ze tegengekomen? Wat viel er mee, wat viel er tegen? Is de blockchain-hype voorbij, en is dat terecht? …

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